I’ve started this blog to be able to share my jurney with the rest of the world. 

Here’s how adoption works in Sweden:

  • Since a few years ago everyone in Sweden who wants to adopt has to take a “class” in parenting, adoption and alot more. It’s 7×3 hours and includes how adoption works, how the children migh feel. Healthissues, costs, homestudy and soooo much more.
  • When the “class” is completed it’s time for the homestudy. It takes from 2-4 months, usually. It includes intervjues with the parent/parents who wants to adopt. For me as a single I need two letters from people close to me, who can confirm that I will make a good adoptiveparent. During the homestudy the “investigator” (I don’t know what they´re called in english) and I will talk about what age the child I may adopt can be. 0- 12 months, 0-18 months, 0-3 years and so on.  I hope to be alowed 0- 24 months, but It’s not up to me.
  • Once all this is done, and it can take 6- 36 months as far as I know. There seems to be huge differenses in the country.

Since I’ve desided earlier that I want to adopt, I have payed a membersfee to one of the swedish adoptionorganisations. Therefor I have been on the waitinglist since October of 2006. I’m hoping that once my homestudy is done, I have been on the waitinglist for a year. Hopefully I can send my dossier to Vietnam after a total wait of 2,5 years. Then it’s about a year of waiting again.

Well, that’s the process in Sweden. Please ask questions if anything sounds strange.  I’m very new to this, in English anyway. 🙂