I’m nervous. There are some roumors, and even before them I thought about it. What if Vietnam change their rules too. What if they don’t allow singles to adopt anymore? Where does that leave my?

Sweden has many rules on where we can adopt from, and for singles it’ s very limited. If I’m prepared to adopt a child over 4 years old, there are a few more options. However, since my daughter is 4 and the swedish law says that the new child has to be the youngest, that’s not an option for me. So, it has to be younger that 3, and that’s also up to my social worker. If she says 0- 12 months, that’s it. Only Vietnam and Ethiopia will accept me. And, Ethiopia gives about 2 children a year to swedish singles. That means that I have to wait 10- 15 YEARS! Not a possibility.

¬†Vietnam is my only choise. Please please don’t change your rules Vietnam.