I’m so tired of waiting. It’s been a year and a half since I aplyed for adoption and payed the fee. It actually costs money just to wait for you turn. We have 4 organisations in Sweden that are athourized to helt with an adoption. It’s possible to aply to all of them, and then wait for your turn. It’s alot more money, but at the same time. You have more options and if one organisation has problems, you can always use another one. Once you sent your papers to one country, you can’t send another aplication until a year after you’ve returned home with the firts one.

The rules in Sweden are very different from the US as you can see.

Now, I’m waiting and waiting. It looks like I might be able to send my papers to Vietnam in about a year (if nothing happens that changes thingg. And we all know how stable the adoptionworld is ;-)) and after that it’s time to wait for a referal. That wait is usually about a year. I hate this. I want my baby now.