Time just goes by so fast. We’ve been home over 2 months and my little girl is almost 2 years old.

So much has happened in 2 months. When I got my girl she was 1 year and 9 months old. 8 kg (about 17.5 pounds) and just over 70 cm (2,3 feet I think) She was pale, scared and her eyes were curious but looked tired and sometimes empty.

She only fed from a bottle and was terrified of the spoon. She was also terrified of bathing, riding in a car, being outside, brushing her teeth and a lot of other things.

She couldn’t walk and more or less only made sounds when she cried.

Now. She’s about 1 year and 11 months. She weight about 11 kg (24,2 pound) and 77 cm (2,5 feet). She walks and runs. Claps her hands and loves to mimic movements to childrens songs. She loves the bathtub and if she could she would be in the water all the time.

Brushing her teeth took time for her to get used to because I don’t think they ever did that. So every time I brushed her teeth her whole mouth started bleeding. Now, brushing her teeth isn’t the best thing she knows but it’s okay to do.

Riding in the car is just fine as long as we don’t drive too far when she’s awake. She usually falls asleep pretty fast and sleeps for about an hour if I make sure we travel during naptime.

She’s such a happy little kid. She walks around, giggling and clapping her hands. Seems so happy just walking and being. She loves cuddles and kisses, even if the kisses are very slobby so far.

She doesn’t speak at all yet, but understand more and more and uses a few signs. She sings to herself a lot, like the rest in the family. LOL

Being her mother is so easy, and just so “right”. She fits in just perfectly. Or, we fit with her. I keep waiting for the “bad” stuff. For something to feel really hard.

It took some time to find routines that worked for sleep. She falls asleep in my arms or in the stroller, in about 5 minutes. The problem was that she napped too long and therefor didn’t sleep well at night and woke up at 3-5 am. Now she naps about 1 hour and sleeps about 11 hours at night.

She’s exploring her new enviroment. I think I took her away from the stove a gazillion times. But she’s learning fast and knows very well where she’s not allowed to be.

She had a few behaviours that were typical for kids in orphanages. They’re more or less all gone. I thought about it a lot when we got home, but desided that even though she wasn’t hurting herself physically, the behavior isn’t healthy. So, I interrupted her if she did it. Started doing other things with her or distracted her.

I don’t believe in punishments so to get her to stop doing the “wrong” things, I just tell her no, lift her away if necessary or take what she’s not allowed to have. It takes a lot of patients, and it takes a while, but for us, it works well.

Attatchment is tricky, but I think she’s doing just awesome. We stayed home, just the 3 of us for a few weeks. Just took her sister to and from school. Took walks and met people outside, but not in our home. Now we have visitors sometimes, of go visit friends and family and she knows very well who is her mom and who isn’t. I still don’t let anyone else comfort, feed, change or put her to bed. That’s mommys job, for now.

Alright. That’s my rant for now. LOL When I finally blog, I have a lot to say huh?